March 12, 2024

What States Allow Online Gambling?

By Geraldine

As online gambling continues to expand across the US, several states now boast regulated markets for it. Players now have plenty of choices when it comes to wagering on sports and casino games; however there are still several states who have yet to enact laws permitting iGaming.

Some states such as Hawaii are likely to remain against online gambling for some time to come, with several having anti-gambling stances which will thwart efforts at legalization in the near future. Other states, like Oklahoma, may encounter complex tribal casino issues that will prevent a robust online casino market from ever emerging there. And some have very restrictive gaming environments which may never change.

On the other hand, some states have taken significant strides toward legalizing online gambling. Texas, one of the more conservative states when it comes to gambling, has made progress towards legalization over recent years through numerous efforts that could eventually lead to its regulation and legalization of iGaming.

Tennessee recently took an important step forward by legalizing online gaming (iGaming). Now the Volunteer State allows for several gambling sites, including its first mobile sportsbook which launched its services in March 2022 – this makes Tennessee an attractive option for sports and casino players looking for new states to visit.

Montana may not yet be legalizing online gambling, but the state does permit horse racing betting through licensed online racebooks and has several social casino platforms offering free slots and table games – unlike in most other states where real money transactions take place.

New Hampshire, which does have land-based casinos and a lottery, has not legalized online gambling yet; thus it will likely wait and observe how its market develops before considering further regulation.

Wyoming does not permit online gambling; however, the state boasts several traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as well as the iconic Devil’s Tower. Wyoming is also one of the only American states where one can legally place sports bets on Native American tribal lands without using an offshore bookmaker service provider.

Nevada was long considered the epitome of iGaming, yet its prominence has dimmed since more populated and competitive states have come online with their offerings. Still, Nevada retains potential to regain its former prominence over time.